For years I traded & traded & traded…I ran DEMO’s for months in the 90% accuracy range.  I would convince myself (and others) that I was the best trader “ever”.  ONLY to find out in 2 or 3 or 6 or 9 weeks that; not only was I horrible, emotional, & inconsistent, but, I couldn’t figure out – why?

The KEY is “mind”!  More importantly, finding your “own” Comfort Zone.  “TOD” time of day; to trade, platform tools, broker…”Methodology” in short!

When you know what & how you are supposed to trade, your world becomes heavenly & blissful.  You can raise your limits, control your money management, earn EXACTLY what you set out to, and life is perfect!  Not know or stray away from these “truths” & WHAMO!!!  The Market will “kill” your Margin Reserves.

If you care how to learn, open a demo account [] and check out your options, if you’d care to, contact me for advice.

In Success,

Jose L Castillo, Jr MBA (a.k.a. CASTILLOCEO…Money Manager at Large!)

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